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Micropiles are high-capacity drilled piles usually in the range of 5 to 12-inch diameter. Pile depths can extend to300 feet and achieve working loads over 200 tons, depending on pile size and ground conditions. Reinforcing elements such as high strength steel bars are secured in place with durable cement grout. In general,micropiles are applicable when there are problems with using conventional deep foundation systems like driven piles, drilled shafts, or augercast piling. These problem conditions include: karstic limestone geology, natural or manmade obstructions, sensitive ground with adjacent structures, and limited access/confined spaces. For example, micropiles are commonly the preferred foundation choice in the challenging urban areas that feature mixed fills, nearby buildings and difficult access. Common Uses:

  • Provides pile foundations where access, geology or environment prevent the use of other methods.
  • Supports structures affected by adjacent excavation, tunneling or dewatering activities.
  • Provides a fast, effective alternative to more traditional underpinning methods.
  • Replaces deteriorating foundation systems.
  • Provides extra support for structures during renovation.

For further information on Micro-Piles, please visit our sister company on the Nicholson web site.

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