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  Pre-cast Block retaining wall systems offer strength, durability and a wide variety of aesthetic options. Made from wet cast concrete, they are ideally suited along roadway applications or in environments that are more susceptible to freeze-thaw conditions. Typically they are a much larger unit than their segmental block wall cousins, and range in facial dimensions of 5 sq.ft. up to 24 sq.ft. of face area per unit. Additionally, because of the larger footprint each unit can range in weight from 1,400 lbs up to 7,600 lbs.

  • Wide variety of Aesthetic choices
  • Durability (wet cast)
  • Size & mass allows walls to be constructed as gravity walls up to 17 feet without grid
  • Short gravity walls and tall reinforced walls construction with 24” deep unit
  • Taller gravity walls use 39” and 45” deep units. Product lends itself well to tight site constraints without disturbing embankments.
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