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In addition to our various retaining wall applications, we also offer prefabricated bridges and the MSE wall structures that support them. For decades as a retaining wall contractor in Denver, we have offered wall structures to support the infrastructure that keeps the world moving. When you need an experienced bridge contractor, choose Slaton Bros, Inc.

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Why Use Prefabricated Bridges?

The first and most obvious benefit of prefabricated bridges is their quick installation. Since components are created off-site and brought to the site, you can reduce time and complexity. It is also much easier to recycle materials from the construction process since it happens in a factory and not on-site. 

Prefabricated bridges also benefit from allowing for a safer and more flexible construction timeline as well. Not only can component quality be more easily held to high standards, but workers can also benefit from less exposure to outdoor hazards like traffic. 

Prefabricated bridges confer great benefits like energy efficiency, improved safety, consistent component quality, and much more. These benefits translate to a well-built structure that can be completed on time and within budget.

Uses for Prefabricated Bridges in Denver


Over the years, our team has become incredibly familiar with the Colorado DOT and Texas DOT and their local bridge configurations. This has allowed our team to offer products and services that best accommodate installation, maintenance, and repairs. In the design and construction phase, we focus on factors like drainage structures, phased construction needs, service life, traffic barriers, and more.

We understand that as time passes, these bridges and supporting structures may need to be adjusted or expanded to meet growing traffic demands. Our Denver prefabricated bridge contractors also specialize in support of these more unique infrastructure projects.


As vehicles become more mainstream, the need for dedicated pedestrian travel solutions has also increased. Our staff has helped install arch bridges, ramps, retaining walls, and other infrastructure to provide safe avenues for pedestrians to travel.


As we continue to expand and build, it’s important to consider wildlife and its mobility. Thousands of animals and humans sustain injuries every year from lack of proper travel greenways and crossings. Slaton Bros, Inc. also helps state and local governments create wildlife crossings to protect both wildlife and human life.

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Our Prefab Bridge Options & Applications

Slaton Bros, Inc. offers the TechSpan Precast Arch system, a proven method of creating durable, long-lasting prefab bridges. Construction of this system begins with CIP or precast footings, followed by the installation of arches in a staggered pattern. Geotextile/Geomembrane is applied to joints, and a crown beam is placed on the top of the arch. This process is economical and methodical, reducing construction time, resources, and risk.

The benefits of the TechSpan Precast Arch system include:

  • Self-supporting unit design
  • Strict quality control
  • Can support surcharges of 100+ feet
  • Simplified shipping and installation

Like many of our other products, this system can be easily modified to fit the specific needs of each project. The TechSpan Precast Arch system also works incredibly well with the other retaining wall systems we have to offer, which gives us the confidence to complete a cost-effective solution for nearly any project.

Choose Us for Your Prefab Bridge Project in Colorado or Texas

Our prefabricated bridges are specially designed by our in-house team to be effective for a multitude of project scenarios. We offer a range of available arch shapes and sizes that are coupled with supporting infrastructure like retaining walls to offer a complete and comprehensive solution.

Slaton Bros., Inc. can provide unrivaled expertise, resources, products, and solutions to meet and exceed your project needs.

Slaton Bros, Inc Prefabricated Bridge Construction

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Our team is ready to construct your new bridge, regardless of the application. With decades of experience, our retaining wall contractor in Denver is uniquely qualified to build the bridge you need for vehicles, pedestrians, or wildlife. Call (303) 806-8160 or contact us online to begin your project!

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