Temporary and Permanent Shoring

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Shoring, either temporary or permanent, is an important mainstay of civil construction. Shoring is the construction of a structure that supports some land or other structure. At Slaton Bros, Inc., we specialize in the shoring of land during and after construction. We utilize top-of-the-line shoring equipment and techniques to provide the best shoring services for our clients.

Our Temporary Shoring Options

Soldier pile walls, trench shoring, and soil nail walls are three options when considering temporary shoring options. Soldier pile walls are an incredibly quick construction method that consists of H-shaped steel piles, concrete holes, and wood lagging. Depending on the range of excavation, tiebacks/anchors may be needed. Soldier pile walls are flexible and can be designed for large surcharge loads.

Trench shoring comes in several different forms, but in its basic form entails walls lining the side of a trench filled with stabilizers in the middle. The walls and stabilizers can come in several different materials, ranging from wood to steel, depending on the load. Trench shoring is used to protect workers from trench failures.

Soil nail walls are another type of anchor tieback wall. Soil nail walls consist of steel bars inserted into holes in the soil, which are reinforced with concrete grout. The steel bars or nails are then covered with shotcrete walls which retain the soil.

Our Permanent Shoring Options

Soil nail walls, while often used in a temporary capacity, can also be used as a permanent soil retention method. Soil nail walls are generally less obstructive to underground entities that other shoring methods as well. However, soil nail walls can be relatively complex, requiring careful calculations by an engineer. Slaton Bros Inc. has a staff of talented structural and civil engineers ready to design your permanent soil nail wall solution. For more information on this option, visit our soil nail wall page.

Shoring for Deep Excavation

Deep excavation presents several challenges for shoring, simply by scaling up the soil that needs to be retained. Slaton Bros, Inc. also specializes in deep excavation shoring methods. In commercial and industrial settings, we have years of experience with deep excavation shoring using numerous methods. Whether your shoring project is 10 ft or dozens of feet, Slaton Bros, Inc. can complete the project.

Other Applications for Shoring

Since there are a wide variety of necessary applications for shoring, there are also specialty shoring techniques to meet demand.

  • Sheet Piles
  • Diaphragm Walls
  • Contiguous Pile Shoring
  • Raking Shore
  • Flying Shore

Our team is trained in many different types of shoring, which allows us to work in nearly every environment. If you need a specific type of shoring, feel free to give us a call to learn more about what we offer.

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