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The T-Wall is a pre-cast modular retaining wall system, characterized by the “T” shape formed by the concrete facing and perpendicular stems. The revolutionary design of the T-Wall improves upon normal gravity and cantilever systems. Slaton Bros, Inc is proud to provide this excellent retaining wall system for projects in Colorado and Texas.

The T-Wall is a flexible, durable, and customizable retaining wall system. Choose Slaton Bros, Inc. to install the T-Wall for your next project!

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Benefits of T-Walls

The T-Wall system is specially designed to provide increased benefits over conventional cantilever and gravity retaining structures. The key to this is the unique design and variability of the counterfort stems, which interact well with backfill.

  • Flexible design and application
  • Less select backfill quantity needed
  • Variable-length reinforcing stems
  • Wide range of surface textures and custom artwork available
  • No external bracing necessary during construction
  • Supports varied surface textures or custom artwork

This quality retaining wall construction system can be used for walls as small as 3′ to 45′ tall and can be customized with various colors, artwork, and textures.

Best Applications for T-Walls in Denver

The T-Wall system is wonderful for grade separation in a myriad of applications, by virtue of its flexible design and improvement upon the traditional cantilever system.

Interested in how the T-Wall performs in these environments? Check out our Gallery page to see the T-Wall system in action!

T-Walls: Portable, Prefabricated Solutions

The T-Wall system is able to thrive in various environments of the different sizes the components can be created in. The concrete facing comes in 3 basic sizes (2′-6″ x 5′, 5′ x 5′, 5′ x 7′-6″) with varying stem length.

In a typical T-Wall installation, the stems on the bottom are long, and shorten as more units are stacked. This configuration can also be used on considerable angles. The T-Wall can also be inverted, with the longest stems at the top and shortest at the bottom. With this level of flexibility, the T-Wall has been used in a wide range of applications.

For more in-depth information on T-Wall systems, contact our Denver retaining wall contractor at (303)806-8160!

T-Wall Installation in Colorado and Texas

Our T-Wall installation process begins with detailed surveying and planning. We plan out every aspect of the installation beforehand, like cost estimates, material needs, logistics, and more.

Once the entire installation plan has been drafted and approved, our retaining wall contractors move to excavate the site and create concrete footings for the walls on-site. Once the foundation and concrete footings are placed, we place the T-Wall units according to the construction plan. During this process, our T-Wall contractors place the utmost importance on safety and proper techniques. We also keep clients updated during the process, so they know the progress of their construction.

After construction, our T-Wall builders will conduct a final inspection to ensure the project was completed correctly. Our engineering and construction teams put a massive emphasis on safety and integrity, qualities that we focus on for each and every project.

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