MSE Wall Construction in Denver, CO

Mechanically Stabilized Earth Construction in Colorado and Texas

Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining walls are coherent gravity structures comprised of alternating layers of granular compacted backfill, soil reinforcement, and concrete or wire-facing material. These systems offer reliable and durable performance when installed by an experienced team. They are commonly used in commercial, industrial, and transportation applications ranging from bridge and embankment support to dams and bulk storage facility containment. 

For decades as a retaining wall contractor in Denver, Slaton Bros, Inc. has constructed these concrete and wire-faced structures by relying on an experienced team anchored in experience, integrity, and safety. When clients choose us, they receive world-class construction expertise and customer service. 

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Benefits of Our MSE Walls

The MSE walls we build are carefully designed and engineered while offering a wide range of benefits that make them an excellent project solution for countless applications and environments. 

Our MSE walls, first and foremost, are historically proven through their flexibility and durability, with millions of square feet installed annually.  Using various facing elements and soil reinforcements, our retaining wall contractors can easily customize the MSE retaining wall to various project demands and applications.

Our MSE walls also have unparalleled stability and resistance to external forces, aided by a unique foundation and wall construction. These qualities allow our MSE walls to achieve extreme wall heights with extended service life.

  • Ability to carry extreme loads
  • Ability to adhere to various geometric and site requirements
  • Elaborate and unique aesthetics are available
  • Soil reinforcing strips can accommodate obstructions in backfill
  • Ability to aid in temporary or permanent shoring
  • Repetitive and predictable construction

Our MSE Wall Construction Process in Denver

The Planning Stage

Like any construction project, the first step is proper planning. In the planning stage, we review site surveys, estimate material/installation costs, and create a comprehensive design and construction plan. The entire installation process is meticulously pre-planned to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Once planning is complete, construction begins with site excavation and preparing a strong foundation. Materials are delivered as close to the construction site as possible to facilitate the most efficient wall installation process.

The MSE Retaining Wall Construction Stage

Once the material and foundation are ready, our team members utilize detailed instructions, techniques, and safety procedures to construct the MSE wall from the ground up. During the construction process, we give periodic updates to keep clients informed on the progress of their work. 

Our MSE retaining wall construction often proceeds methodically, meaning there are rarely any deviations from the initial construction plan to best benefit our team with an on-time and on-budget construction process.

The Final Inspection Stage

Once the MSE retaining wall is complete, it undergoes a final inspection to ensure the wall was built to design.

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Facing Elements

Slaton Bros, Inc. offers a wide range of facing elements to match the needs of each project.

  • Cruciform
  • Rectangular
  • Square
  • Full Height
  • Permanent/Temporary Wire Facing Mesh

Soil Reinforcements

Our retaining wall contractor in Denver offers several soil reinforcement products, all tested for pullout capacity, tensile capacity, corrosion, durability, and more.

  • High Adherence Ribbed Reinforcing Strips
  • High Adherence Ladders
  • Two-Wire Wide Ladders
  • GeoStrap Geosynthetic Reinforcing Strips

Backfill Options

Backfill consists of the material that sits behind the wall facing and is permeated by soil reinforcement.

  • Soil – A wide variety of soils can be used to serve as backfill. Ideally, open-grade, low plasticity soils should be used for their drainage and compaction capabilities.
  • Recycled –  Recycled material, like crushed concrete, can also be used as backfill under the right conditions.
  • Lightweight – Lightweight backfill is used if the foundation needs reduced loads. Lightweight aggregate like foamed glass is used in these cases.

Top of Wall Elements

As varied as the projects themselves, MSE walls will often have various top-of-wall conditions and concrete elements required. These can range from a simple plain concrete coping with or without fence/handrail to a concrete coping traffic barrier. These are project-specific and specified by the Engineer of Record / Owner.

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