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At Slaton Bros., a large part of the services we provide are powered by shotcrete. This wonder material is used globally across the construction industry, especially by our retaining wall contractor services. Our staff offers sculpted shotcrete as a solution for various new retaining wall installation or repair projects. 

Whether sculpted shotcrete is needed for commercial, residential, or industrial purposes, our skilled applicators can get the job done. For years, we have used quality sculpted shotcrete on countless projects across Colorado. 

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What is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete, in basic terms, is a type of mortar or concrete sprayed or “shot” at a surface at high velocity. Also called gunite, this material is most often sprayed onto steel mesh or rods for reinforcement. The use of shotcrete dates back over a century and has become a staple in retaining wall construction due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

A large part of shotcrete’s simplicity and convenience comes from the way it is applied. Since it is applied at such high speeds, it helps to compactify and compress the material. It can also be applied by hand or with a mechanical arm guiding the nozzle in the case of larger areas. 

Benefits of Shotcrete

Shotcrete has emerged as an essential tool for those who work in construction, especially retaining wall contractors.

  • It is more durable than conventional concrete (in most cases)
  • The material can be quickly applied to a surface, saving time
  • It can be molded and designed in infinite ways
  • This method features high levels of frost resistance and water tightness
  • Shotcrete can be applied to many surfaces, making it versatile
  • The material can be modified to improve certain attributes (i.e. fire resistance, setting time)
  • It can be finished in many ways for realism or decoration

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Sculpted Shotcrete Installation in Colorado

Shotcrete comes in two general configurations: wet mix and dry mix. Wet mix concrete, as the name suggests, is already wet and mixed by the time it’s being sprayed to a surface. Dry mix, on the other hand, mixes with water at the nozzle as it is being sprayed. Both processes require a skilled nozzleman, which is especially important for the dry mix method. 

Once the shotcrete is sprayed onto a surface, it will set into the desired shape. The type of shotcrete being applied plays a role in how it is sprayed and how it will set. After the shotcrete sets, our team will ensure that it has been set correctly and will function as intended. 

Services That Utilize Sculpted Shotcrete

Thanks to the incredible versatility of shotcrete, it can be used in many different types of structures. Shotcrete is commonly found in commercial buildings, bridges, spillways, retaining walls, tunnels, and much more.

Choose Slaton for Your Sculpted Shotcrete Needs

At Slaton, we know a thing or two about shotcrete and its amazing properties. Our retaining wall builders use shotcrete daily in various construction projects across Colorado. As such, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge with the material that translates to functional and great-looking final products. 

Whether shotcrete will be used for structural purposes or decoration, you can count on our team to get the project done well. With every project, we prioritize extensive planning to optimize time, budget, and safety. This is why our clients trust our work, knowing we will consistently construct an effective and quality product.

Contact Our Shotcrete Wall Contractors in Denver

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Sculpted Shotcrete done by Slaton Bros in Denver, Colorado
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