Wire Faced Walls

Temporary or Permanent Construction Solutions

Wire faced walls are a fantastic temporary or permanent retaining wall solution for various applications. In addition to our concrete walls, wire faced walls are another option that the Slaton Bros team offers. Wire faced walls are ideal for roadway widening, bridge phasing, and other temporary or permanent applications.

Our Wire Faced Wall Options

As a retaining wall contractor in Denver, our staff offers the TerraTrel wire-faced wall system. This MSE wall system consists of wire mesh facing panels, steel strip or ladder soil reinforcement, and select backfill. The TerraTrel wire-faced system has been meticulously designed to optimize the use of soil reinforcement and provide sturdy, reliable retention. The TerraTrel system can also achieve a design life of 75 to 100+ years when using galvanized or stainless steel.

The Benefits of Wire Faced Walls

Wire faced earth retention systems provide a cost-effective solution for wall applications where aesthetics are not a critical requirement, the use of alternative wall systems are cost-prohibitive, or extreme overall or differential settlements prevent the use of a standard MSE wall. If significant settlements or preload conditions are anticipated for a structure, a two-staged MSE wall can be utilized combining a wire faced wall and alternative MSE facing which is applied at the conclusion of the settlement period.

  • Standardized wire facing units are easily adjusted for unexpected
    field conditions

  • Lightweight components are rapidly erected without the need for
    heavy equipment

  • Flexibility to accommodate significant post-construction settlement

For more information about the benefits of our wire-faced walls, contact our retaining wall contractor in Denver at (303) 806-8160 or Dallas at (817) 857-6536 today!

Temporary Applications for Wire Faced Walls

Wire faced walls are primarily used in temporary applications; they are meant to retain soil during construction until permanent solutions are installed. Our temporary walls can utilize black steel and geotextile, which allows drainage. Wire faced walls may be used for temporary applications, industrial sites, and phased construction.

  • Roadway widening
  • Bridge phasing
  • Surcharges

Our Wire Faced Walls Can Be Incorporated into Permanent Structures

While wire faced walls are typically used in a temporary capacity, they are also useful in permanent applications as well. As stated earlier, wire faced wall systems can be used as standalone structures or incorporated into a traditional MSE retaining wall system. For permanent solutions, we place crushed stone between the wire and geotextile to prevent UV damage and improve aesthetics.
Our wire faced walls are used in permanent applications such as federal lands service roads, low volume state and county roads, and fire and logging roads, among others.

An Economical and Fast Solution for Your Project

When compared to other wall systems, it’s no secret that wire faced walls can be an excellent and economical solution. Wire faced walls can be installed quickly, flexibly, and repetitively, which translates to quality and cost-savings for clients.

Our team, in addition to our concrete MSE systems, has installed countless wire faced systems in both Colorado and Texas.

Slaton Bros, Inc Wire Faced Wall construction

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Slaton Bros, Inc. has spent decades installing wire faced systems, as well as many of our other retaining wall offerings. If you’re interested in using a wire faced retaining wall system for your project, give our office a call!

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