Retaining Walls in Denver

MSE Wall Construction in Colorado and Texas

Searching for retaining wall solutions for your commercial, industrial, or residential needs? Contact a retaining wall contractor in Denver at (303)806-8160 or (817) 857-6536 for more information!

Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls is an excellent option offered by our leading retaining wall contractors. Our MSE retaining wall systems are proven through countless installation projects and millions of square feet installed annually. These gravity structures have been used for various commercial, industrial, and transportation applications across the U.S.

Soil Nail Walls

Soil nail walls are a versatile earth retaining system that can be used in temporary and permanent shoring contexts. Soil nail walls use steel bars or “nails” placed in the ground with a temporary or permanent facing. In addition to shoring, it can be used for retaining structure repair, slope stabilization, tunnel portals, roadway cuts, and more.

Temporary and Permanent Shoring

Whether you need temporary shoring for a project or permanent shoring, Slaton Bros. has you covered. We offer a variety of shoring solutions that can be tailored to any environment. Soldier pile walls, trench shoring, and soil nail walls are three effective shoring options that we offer.

Wire-Faced Walls

In addition to our concrete-faced retaining wall systems, Slaton Bros. also provides a variety of wire-faced wall solutions. Wire-faced retaining wall construction is fantastic when certain project constraints are present, like cost or extreme overall settlements. Wire-faced walls allow for flexibility because of their lightweight nature and standardized units.

Precast Modular Block Wall

Our precast block retaining walls are mostly counterfort systems, leveraging a durable, tried-and-true retention design. We work with several different precast block wall systems, each with its own unique properties and benefits. Our team offers fantastic products like the T-Wall and TechWall systems for various rail, transportation, and highway needs.

Segmental Block Retaining Wall Systems

Segmental block retaining wall systems (SRWs) are a very common type of retaining wall that can appear only a few feet tall or in excess of 40 feet tall. While Slaton Bros. offers modern versions of SRWs, their excellence can be seen in structures like the Great Wall of China. Our retaining wall contractor in Denver works closely with a variety of proven SRW manufacturers to install both soil-stabilized walls and gravity segmental walls.


Gabion walls are an ancient technology, dating back over 7000 years into our past. Our Denver retaining wall contractors are proud to offer this storied technology with modern updates for clients across the U.S. Gabions are mostly used for slope stabilization purposes or to control the speed of any run-off present. They represent a simple but effective retention solution.
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