Segmental Block Retaining Wall Systems in Denver

Value, Style, & Durability in Colorado and Texas

Segmental retaining wall systems (SRWs) or segmental retaining wall blocks are an attractive and economical solution for many site grade separation needs. From simple landscape walls to retaining walls in excess of 40 feet tall, these engineered systems have excellent performance history.

With over 25 years of experience and millions of square feet of successful installations, our Denver retaining wall contractors can help you select and engineer the retaining wall construction system that is best suited for your project.

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Composition & Benefits of Segmental Block Retaining Walls

Segmental block retaining walls are a residential, commercial, and industrial construction staple. The walls consist of modular concrete blocks designed to interlock. The interlocking mechanism makes installation very simple and fast, which leads to savings for our clients.

SRWs offer historically proven durability when constructed using quality fills and wall components. In fact, some techniques used in modern SRW construction date back to structures like the Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, and other impressive ancient structures.

  • Fast installation with minimal heavy equipment demands
  • No need for footing
  • No reinforcing or mortar needed
  • Many colors, textures, and sizes are available
  • Adjustable to various grades

Due to their design, segmental block retaining wall systems can be applied in various and wide-ranging environments. These systems are easily adjusted, adapted, and tiered to create even the most site-demanding projects. 

Types of Segmental Block Retaining Walls in Denver

Segmental block retaining walls come in two basic types: gravity segmental retaining walls & soil-stabilized (Reinforced) segmental retaining walls.

Gravity SRWs use the weight of the wall and the interlocking mechanisms to resist the lateral force of the soil behind it. Soil-stabilized SRWs, in addition to gravity, use reinforcement in the soil itself to increase the retaining capacity of the wall. Soil-stabilized SRWs are utilized when gravity SRWs are not expected to provide enough resistance to lateral force.

Slaton Bros, Inc. offers both types of SRWs, where we can provide the perfect retaining wall for your unique project needs. Feel free to contact a retaining wall contractor in Denver today to learn more about the SRWs we offer.

Please see below for a comprehensive list of SRW manufacturers we work with.

  • Allan Block Retaining walls
  • Keystone Hardscapes, Retaining walls
  • Anchor Retaining Wall Systems
  • Rockwood Retaining Walls
  • Versa Lok Retaining walls

Want more information about SRWs or our SRW manufacturers? Simply contact our Denver office at (303) 806-8160 or Dallas office at (817) 857-6536 today!

The SRW Installation Process

Our Denver SRW installers begin the process with meticulous planning on the part of our staff. We visit the site and make a comprehensive construction outline that charts every aspect of the process from start to finish. 

Once the plan has been approved, site excavation begins, and foundation soil preparation and the leveling surface are established to support the wall. Once elements like gravel, drainage work, and proper setting and leveling are completed, the first course of SRW units is installed.

After the first course is safely placed, along with the placement of relevant reinforcement and backfill installed, the process is repeated on future levels until the final elevation is established. Once complete, the wall undergoes a final inspection by our team to ensure every aspect of the wall is installed as per plan.

We’re Ready to Install Your SRW in Denver!

Segmental block retaining walls are an excellent soil retention tool but are only as good as the team constructing them. Slaton Bros, Inc. consists of dedicated, proven retaining wall construction professionals who are ready to work on your next project. Contact our Colorado or Texas offices today to get started!

Slaton Bros, Inc Residential Development and Segmental Block Retaining Walls

We're Ready to Install Your SRW!

Segmental block retaining walls are an excellent soil retention tool but are only as good as the team constructing them. Slaton Bros, Inc. is full of dedicated, proven construction professionals that are ready to work on your project. Contact our retaining wall contractor in Denver today to get started!

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