Fence Walls

Perfect for Privacy and Security

Dry stacked mortarless fence wall systems provide long-lasting attractive solutions that are unmatched by traditional wood or chain-link options. Constructed with high strength concrete masonry units, steel reinforcement, and concrete grout, these systems are designed and built to last.

The Slaton Bros, Inc. pre-construction team can help you choose from a variety of color and pattern options for your new fence wall. Slaton Bros. will work with qualified engineers in your area to ensure that your fence meets all local regulations and design requirements.

Our Fence Wall Options

Our fence wall offerings come in a wide variety of different configurations, all customized based on their intended role. The two main fencing options we offer are privacy and security fences, both non-structural products intent on guarding property against eyes or trespassers. These walls are customizable as well, which allows clients to match the wall to their desired aesthetic or their surroundings.

Perfect for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Applications

Fence walls, first and foremost, are incredibly durable and stable. This is due to the installation of precast concrete columns into caisson footings, which provides a sturdy base and structure. This stability also makes concrete fence walls very low maintenance and a great long-term value.

This type of construction can endure any number of different application environments, from humid, rainy areas to arid desert regions. Fence walls are simply great, low complexity structures that work.

Concrete Fence Walls for Strength and Beauty

With their simple designs, fence walls are a mixture of strength and beauty. The designs of our fence wall systems are optimized to provide the best of both worlds, which culminates in beautiful, functional wall structures. Whether they are privacy or security walls, our team can deliver a blend of function, aesthetics, and durability.

Benefits of Fence Walls

As stated earlier, fence walls contain a mixture of qualities that lead to longevity and value in nearly any environment.

  • Customizable
  • Durable and stable
  • Easily adjusted for most applications
  • Moderate sound absorption
  • Near maintenance-free
  • Unaffected by most conventional weather/climates

Proud to Be Your Fence Wall Source

Slaton Bros, Inc. is one of the nation’s leading contractors in constructing wall and fencing systems. Every project is meticulously planned and executed to maximize reliability. When we construct your fence wall, we take the utmost care to provide exactly what you want within the timeframe and budget you need. When it comes to fence wall installation, no company beats Slaton Bros.

Fence Walls done by Slaton Bros

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