Soil Nail Walls

Improve Strength, Provide Stability for Landslides, Cut Slopes, and Deep Excavations

Soil nailing technology can be applied to new permanent construction, temporary construction, and to the restoration of existing structures. Steel reinforcing bars (nails) are installed and grouted over a regular pattern to create a soil that acts as a coherent mass with improved shear strength. This reinforced soil mass provides stability for landslides, cut slopes, and deep excavations.

  • Provide temporary and permanent earth retention systems for deep excavations typically in residual soils and weathered bedrock.
  • Create permanent retaining walls. Stabilizing slopes and landslides.
  • Offer temporary shoring during the repair of an existing wall.
  • Stabilize vertical cuts in front of existing bridge abutments during highway widening operations.


Soil Nail Wall Uses

For decades, soil nail walls have been an ever-present fixture of our nation’s construction and infrastructure programs.

  • Road widening, excavations, repair, and reconstruction,
  • Temporary excavation shoring
  • Slope stabilization
  • Repair of current retaining walls/structures
  • Bridge abutment

The Process

The construction of soil nail walls is a relatively fast and simple process. It’s an excellent choice to guard against slope failures. The process begins with planning and an assessment of the soil to ensure it is suitable for the soil nail wall. Soils with too little cohesion are often not recommended for soil nail walls.

Once the potential site has been assessed, excavated, and supported (if necessary), our team then drills a hole into the soil and installs the first row of nails. The nails are then grouted, a strip drain is installed, and shotcrete is applied to that section of nails.

This process is then simply repeated until the entire designated area has been finished, after which a final facing in constructed. Given how simple the process is in most cases, it is a very quick and effective way to stabilize soil.

The Benefits

  • Less disruptive to traffic and the environment
  • Irregular shapes can be used
  • Can be used in new construction
  • Minimum shoring required
  • Relatively quick installation compared to ground anchor walls
  • Good for sites with remote access
  • Can be easily adjusted to account for obstructions
  • Less space and right-of-way requirements
  • For more information on soil nail walls, contact our sister corporation on the Nicholson web site.

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Soil nail walls are an economical and easily-installed solution for shoring and soil retention. Contact our offices today to begin planning your own soil nail wall construction!

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