A sound barrier wall along a busy Denver street.

The Benefits of Sound Barriers in Denver

Few things are more frustrating than when you’re trying to enjoy time in your backyard, but it’s too loud to carry on a conversation. Acoustic disturbances are inevitable if you live near a highway, airport, or other noisy areas in Aurora. While you can’t force airplanes to stop flying or cars from driving, there are things that can be done to dampen the noise they cause. One of which is building a sound barrier or wall.

The need for sound barriers is increasing due to population increases. People are running out of places to build houses and businesses, forcing them to live and work near roadways and highways. If you are looking for quality sound barrier construction in Denver, Slaton Brothers is here to help! Contact us or call (303) 806-8160 today.

Denver Sound Barrier Construction

Sound barrier wall construction can use a number of materials, including rock, fabric, or rubber. Because of their versatility, many prefer sheet barriers, which are essentially thick sheets of fabric. You can use one or several of these sheets around noisy areas to either trap noise in or keep it out. 

More commonly, however, sound barriers are permanent structures made of concrete or rock. You’ve likely also heard of sound barriers referred to as retaining walls and seen them situated next to freeways. The goal is to keep the noise created by vehicles on the highway from escaping beyond the road through sound barrier wall construction. While sound barriers can’t completely block out noise, they do a great job of dampening it. Contact us to learn more about Denver sound walls.

Applications for Sound Barriers 

On Highways 

The most common place to use for sound barriers is concrete walls next to large highways. However, there are many more applications for both commercial and residential purposes. 

Construction Sites 

It’s no secret that construction sites make a ton of noise and can be extremely disturbing. Therefore, construction crews and contractors have begun utilizing sound barrier wall construction to keep the noise they create from spreading beyond the site. Specifically, sheet barriers get used because they’re temporary and can be easily removed when the crews are finished with them. 

Around Homes and Businesses 

If the county or city hasn’t gotten around to sound barrier wall construction next to an adjacent highway, you can help yourself. While sound barriers work best when they’re directly beside the sound source, they’ll still help when they’re near your property. 

Benefits of Sound Barriers 

Provide Peace and Serenity 

The main benefit of noise barriers is that they provide a peaceful, quiet environment for your home or business. They can allow you to enjoy time on your property by blocking out surrounding noise. If you are a residential or commercial builder, you can also benefit from installing a sound wall around your project or development to make it more desirable to buyers.

Reduce Vibrations 

Because sound barriers help block noise, they also help block the vibrations caused by that noise.

Improve the Value of Your Property

If you’re considering putting your house on the market or are building a residential or commercial property and are worried about a nearby highway, building a sound barrier wall construction could be a tremendous value boost. A sound barrier can also be aesthetically appealing, further improving your home or business’s look and value. 

Who to Call for All Your Sound Barrier Needs

If you’re tired of putting up with noise and distractions around your home, business, or property, call Slaton Bros. at (303) 806-8160 or contact us online. We specialize in sound barrier wall construction in Colorado and Texas and would love to help you cut down the noise and vibration on your property.

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