Sculpted Shotcrete done by Slaton Bros in Denver, Colorado

Can Sculpted Shotcrete be Used for Retaining Walls in Denver, CO?

Retaining walls add a layer of maintenance and protection to your property, all while emphasizing a sense of order and structure. When it comes to choosing the right method for your particular needs, it’s necessary to be aware of the available options. This is where sculpted shotcrete comes into play. 

Sculpted shotcrete retaining walls are highly preferred in Denver due to their reliability, simplicity, and design. These retaining walls are practical solutions to control earth from rolling downhill while adding a striking aesthetic. Keep reading to learn more about sculpted shotcrete!

Slaton Bros is proud to be the best, most reliable sculpted shotcrete retaining wall team in Denver, CO, and Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. Call us today to learn more — (303) 806-8160!

What is Shotcrete? 

Shotcrete is a method of constructing retaining walls using high-velocity machinery that shoots wet concrete onto surfaces. Most of the surfaces that shotcrete is applied to are vertical or overhead because of its ability to stick. Shotcrete is perfect for applying concrete onto hard-to-reach surfaces due to the dynamic application method.

What About Sculpted Shotcrete? 

Sculpting shotcrete involves leaving specific designs in the wet shotcrete so it permanently dries with a unique look. Sculpted shotcrete can take on many different styles, from blending naturally with the surrounding environment to a custom design. The most popular sculpted shotcrete design looks like its natural rock formations within the immediate surroundings. 

Advantages of Sculpted Shotcrete Retaining Wall

  • Durable- Everyone wants to know they can depend that their Denver retaining wall will do the job and stand the test of time. Sculpted shotcrete retaining walls are highly durable because of the lower water-to-cement ratio. The application is so rapid that it reduces air pockets in the cement as it dries and settles. 
  • Customizable- Some retaining wall projects would be impossible to execute without sculpted shotcrete. Sculpted shotcrete is more mobile than most other retaining wall construction. Additionally, shotcrete can be applied on almost any surface without needing concrete forms to help it take shape. Since the application process allows crews to control where the concrete goes, there is no need to build pre-existing structures to hold it up as it dries.    
  • Cost Effective- Sculpted shotcrete tends to be one of the more cost-effective retaining wall options. The amount of time sculpted shotcrete takes to apply is significantly less than cast-in-place concrete and other types of retaining walls. 
  • More Creative Freedom-  One of the best features of sculpted shotcrete retaining walls is the ability to custom design the final looks. Shotcrete can add a natural rock aesthetic to your retaining wall or even a particular design. This is your chance to add some personality to your property and create an eye-catching feature!
  • Versatile- Due to how sculpted shotcrete is applied, it is one of the most versatile options for retaining walls. Sometimes retaining walls need to be built in odd locations that traditional brick or cast-in-place concrete can’t reach. The versatility of shotcrete makes adding a retaining wall possible almost anywhere. 

Is a Sculpted Shotcrete Retaining Wall Right For Denver, CO?

Anyone who has lived in Denver, CO, knows that the weather can be great one moment and awful the next. The unpredictable weather patterns throughout the year mean you need a retaining wall that will last through all of the tough Colorado seasons. Sculpted shotcrete is well known for its resilience and reliability in the face of even the harshest conditions. As such, it’s a perfect choice for construction in the Colorado region.

Slaton Bros Is Your Denver, CO Retaining Wall Team!

When you’re ready to get started on your next retaining wall project, reach out to the Slaton Bros team. Our portfolio of work extends to almost any property or building, from federal buildings and many different states’ highways to sporting stadiums and airports. 

We will help you bring your retaining wall vision to life using our years of experience serving the Denver, CO, community. The opportunity for a creative retaining wall is endless when we work with our industry partners to get the job done. Contact us by calling (303) 806-8160 to learn more about how we can better serve you and bring your retaining wall to life. 

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