A stone retaining wall in Aurora.

Innovative Design Ideas for Retaining Walls: Beyond Functionality

When most people think of retaining walls, they think of a wall of bricks or rocks that hold back an embankment. As such, their minds only go to the functional aspect of retaining walls without putting much thought into how they look. 

At Salton Brothers in Aurora, however, we think of retaining wall construction as an art form rather than simply a feat of engineering genius. If you think the same way we do and want your retaining wall to be aesthetically pleasing in addition to functional, here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Contact us online or call (303) 806-8160 to learn more or to schedule a consultation! 

Decorative Rocks or Boulders 

If you’re going to use rocks or boulders for your retaining wall construction, why not make them decorative? Strategically placed boulders and decorative rocks will provide a natural and beautiful look to your retaining wall without compromising functionality or durability. 

Wood Facing 

Covering your retaining wall with a wood facing offers the best of both worlds. Beneath the wood, you can use whatever you want for the actual retaining wall in order to fulfill your needs. On the outside, however, the wood facing will offer a unique look to your retaining wall and make it feel more like a decorative wall than a functional one. 

Add Some Curves

Most retaining walls are as straight as they are long and will have little to no geometric aspect to them. By simply changing this up and adding a few curves or bends, your retaining wall instantly changes from strictly functional to eye-pleasing and decorative. 

Landscape and Garden Themes

Another popular way to spruce up your retaining wall during retaining wall construction is to add multiple layers or levels to the wall. Then, turn the top of each level into a narrow garden or landscaping. In addition to adding life and color to your retaining wall, landscaping and plants will also allow you to simultaneously unleash your creative side as well as your inner gardener. As long as you don’t plant anything with roots long and strong enough to puncture your retaining wall, you should be good to go. 

Use the Space Above the Wall 

In addition to beautifying the retaining wall itself, you can also utilize the space above the wall and let it serve as a platform of sorts. For instance, if you have a retaining wall to hold back a hill or steep grade, build an outdoor kitchen in the area above the retaining wall or directly at the base of it. You can also do this with gardens, patios, and other outdoor features. In so doing, you will add beauty and character to both the outdoor feature as well as the retaining wall. 

Retaining Wall Construction in Aurora

If you like these ideas or want something similar for your retaining wall, Slaton Brothers is here to help. As a leading retaining wall contractor in Colorado, we can handle any project you throw our way. You can rest assured that your retaining wall will be strong and functional and that it will also look exactly how you want it to. Call (303) 806-8160 to get started.

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