A retaining wall in the front yard of a house in Aurora.

Functional Benefits of Retaining Walls: Erosion Control and Landscaping

In addition to improving the look of your commercial or residential property, retaining walls also have many functional benefits. These benefits include managing water runoff, preventing soil erosion, and much more. To reap each of these benefits and get the most out of your structure, it’s important to hire a reputable and experienced retaining wall contractor. 

If you are interested in adding a retaining wall to your Aurora property, Slaton Bros, Inc. can help. Contact us online or call (303) 806-8160 to learn more about our services.

5 Functional Benefits of Retaining Walls

If you’re on the fence about whether or not it’s worth installing a retaining wall on your property, here are some of the top functional reasons to do so. 

Prevents Soil Erosion 

The main functional benefit of retaining walls is that they can prevent soil runoff and erosion. Rain, melted snow, and ice are very frequent in Colorado. When they occur, it can loosen or erode the soil, resulting in a land or mudslide. In addition to soil erosion being dangerous, it can also damage your property and result in a lengthy cleanup process. A trusted retaining wall contractor in Aurora can help you determine which type of retaining wall will work best for your property.

Manages Water Runoff 

In addition to holding back eroding soil, retaining walls can also hold back or redirect water. This is very important as the ice is melting or following a rainstorm, as water runoff can damage your property or create flooding. Water runoff is especially dangerous if it gets to your foundation, where it will repeatedly freeze and thaw, resulting in foundation damage. 

Ability to Create Tiered Landscapes 

Creating tiered landscapes offers both aesthetic and functional value to your property. For functionality, tiered landscapes help you maximize hills and mounds on your land and put them to use. In terms of aesthetics, tiered landscapes hold many decorative values. For instance, you can combine and stagger landscaping plants, decor, and features that you otherwise couldn’t without retaining walls. 

Added Structural Support 

By their definition, retaining walls are installed to support and hold back hills and mounds. Therefore, they also provide structural support to these hills and make them less prone to mudslides and soil runoff. You also increase the amount of functional space in your yard or on your property. 

When they’re built near your home, retaining walls have the added benefit of providing structural support for your house by bolstering its foundation. Contact us to speak with one of our retaining wall contractors today. 

Prevents Sink Holes 

As a result of helping manage water runoff, retaining walls can also prevent the formation of sinkholes. Sinkholes form when enough water piles beneath the surface to weaken it to the point of not being able to support surface weight. Retaining walls prevent this from happening by preventing underground erosion. When left unmanaged and unrepaired, sinkholes can be dangerous if someone or something accidentally falls into them.

Retaining Wall Contractor in Aurora 

If you could benefit from a retaining wall on your property, Slaton Brothers is the team to call. We’re one of the top retaining wall contractors in Aurora and the surrounding area and have a wide range of retaining walls to choose from. When you turn to us, you’ll receive all the aesthetic and functional benefits a retaining wall can offer. Call (303) 806-8160 today.

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