A temporary shoring project in Aurora.

Overview of Temporary Shoring and How It Can Help You

When it comes to construction and engineering in Aurora and the surrounding area, it’s important to be ready for everything. Among the many issues faced in the construction industry, the threat of foundation issues is typically at the top of the list. If the foundation of a house, highway, bridge, or other structure is unsound, it’s unreliable and needs to be fixed. While you’re waiting for a permanent solution, which takes time, money, and energy, it may be necessary to invest in temporary shoring

If you require temporary shoring in Aurora, Slaton Bros, Inc. has you covered. Contact us online or call (303) 806-8160 for more information.

What is Temporary Shoring? 

As the name indicates, temporary shoring is a temporary solution to shore up or secure the foundation of a structure until you can come up with a permanent solution. It’s similar to placing a quarter beneath one leg of a wobbly chair to stabilize it. However, when possible, you’ll remove the quarter and permanently adjust the leg. 

Temporary shoring is the same concept but on a much larger scale. It’s typically used to support the foundation of buildings, homes, bridges, highways, and anything else where the foundation has sustained damage. It’s important to understand that temporary shoring is intended to serve as a temporary fix and not a permanent one. You’ll still need to invest in permanent shoring as soon as possible. Contact us for both temporary or permanent shoring or to transition from one to the next. 

Reasons You Might Need Temporary Shoring

Because of how it’s implemented, temporary shoring is typically used in emergency situations where a foundation requires immediate support. In many instances, this happens because something happened to the foundation resulting in damage or weakness. Here are some of the most common reasons people invest in temporary shoring in Aurora. 

  • A recent fire or flood has damaged the structure or foundation of a home or business. 
  • Excess shifting in the earth has resulted in foundation cracks that require major repairs. 
  • You’re worried about potential foundation or structural damage and want to ensure the problem doesn’t spread. 
  • You notice bulging or swelling in the foundation of a building. 
  • If you want to demolish a building that’s connected to another building, temporary shoring is necessary to secure the foundation of the remaining building. 
  • If an exterior wall is getting removed as part of a construction project, it’s necessary to shore the foundation below the wall. 

Different Types of Temporary Shoring 

Now that you know more about temporary shoring and when to utilize it, let’s look at the three main types of temporary shoring. 

Soldier Pile Walls 

Soldier pile walls are one of the most common temporary shoring methods utilized. They can get installed very quickly and easily and are extremely versatile and durable. 

Trench Shoring 

When work is happening below ground level or in trenches, trench shoring is your best temporary shoring option. As the name indicates, trench shoring is when you reinforce trench walls. You can do this with a wide variety of materials and methods, but a combination of wood and steel is the most common. 

Soil Nail Walls

Soil nail walls are a type of anchor tieback wall that utilizes steel poles that gets inserted into holes. These holes are then reinforced and supported to create a strong barrier. 

If one of these forms of temporary shoring is right for you, contact us online or call (303) 806-8160. We specialize in various permanent and temporary shoring forms and are here for all your foundation and construction needs. We can install your temporary shoring, then return when you’re ready for a permanent solution and make the necessary adjustments.

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