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Segmental Block Retaining Wall

Segmental Block Retaining Wall Systems Value, Style, Durability Segmental retaining wall systems (SRWs) or segmental retaining wall blocks are an attractive and economical solution for many site grade separation needs. From simple landscape walls to retaining soils for parking lots, various commercial applications, or even tiered structures in excess of 40 feet tall, these engineered …

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T-Walls Flexible Retaining Wall Options The T-Wall is a pre-cast modular retaining wall system, characterized by the “T” shape formed by the concrete facing and perpendicular stems. The revolutionary design of the T-Wall improves upon normal gravity and cantilever systems. Slaton Bros, Inc is proud to provide this excellent retaining wall system for projects in …

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Precast Modular Block Wall

Precast Block Walls Strength and Durability for Your Project The precast block retaining walls offered by Slaton Bros, Inc. are generally counterfort systems, variations on cantilever stem systems and large segmental precast concrete units. Through our sister company Reinforced Earth Company, we can deliver the cutting edge in precast modular retaining walls. For the Private, …

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Temporary and Permanent Shoring

Temporary and Permanent Shoring Avoid Issues in Your Jobsite Shoring, either temporary or permanent, is an important mainstay of civil construction. Shoring is the construction of a structure that supports some land or other structure. At Slaton Bros, Inc., we specialize in the shoring of land during and after construction. We utilize top-of-the-line shoring equipment …

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Wire Faced Walls

Wire Faced Walls Temporary or Permanent Construction Solutions Wire faced walls are a fantastic temporary or permanent retaining wall solution for various applications. In addition to our concrete walls, wire faced walls are another option that the Slaton Bros team offers. Wire faced walls are ideal for roadway widening, bridge phasing, and other temporary or …

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Civil Engineering Company – DOT Transportation Solutions MSE Panel Retaining Walls in Colorado, Texas and coming soon to the Southeast U.S. Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining walls are coherent gravity structures comprised of alternating layers of granular compacted backfill, soil reinforcement, and concrete or wire facing material. These systems offer reliable and durable performance when …

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