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The Top Options For Temporary And Permanent Shoring 

Shoring is a major part of construction and one that is indispensable in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Over the years, dozens of strategies have been created to keep soil in place and keep workers safe. In 2022, some strategies have become industry staples across a variety of environments. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss why shoring is so important in construction and some of the best options for shoring that we offer here at Slaton Bros.! 

The Importance Of Quality Shoring

If you aren’t already aware, shoring is an essential process in construction that has only grown in importance over time. As the value of quality urban space increases and projects are constructed closer to existing property, quality shoring techniques are held to a premium as well. 

Quality shoring comes with an array of benefits to construction workers, the construction company, the property owner, and other parties that may be involved or affected. Some of the biggest benefits of quality shoring include the following: 

  • Staying on schedule – A collapse in a hole or trench means the area must be dug out again. Since much of the time spent on a construction site can be simple digging, delays can add time and costs to a project. Proper shoring can prevent this. 
  • Lower overall construction costs – As mentioned above, avoiding collapses can keep a project on time and on budget. But workers may also be more productive without the fear of collapse as well. More productivity can translate to lower costs as well. 
  • Better safety – One of the most obvious and important benefits of good shoring is safety. Temporary holes and trenches are dangerous for workers, but reliable shoring can prevent often-fatal collapses. 

Temporary Vs. Permanent 

One aspect of choosing a retaining wall for a particular purpose is determining whether the shoring needs to be temporary or permanent. Temporary shoring is typically needed for active construction.


Shoring also needs to consider aesthetics at times, especially if it’s permanent. In these circumstances, it’s best to choose a shoring option that is aesthetically pleasing or at least neutral. 


Not all shoring systems are created equal. Some have different capabilities that are tied to the nature of their construction. Some may be stronger than others or work better with different soil compositions or environments. By and large, most major shoring options are viable in the vast majority of settings, but these differences are important to note. 


If you have ever worked in construction, the cost is a big limiting factor for some projects. The type of shoring you choose could play a big role in the overall cost of a project, so it’s best to pick a shoring option that accounts for the project budget. 

Shoring in Denver, CO, and Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

Now that we’ve discussed some of the benefits and major considerations in shoring, we can discuss some types of shoring and when each is most ideal. 

Soldier Pile Walls

Soldier pile walls are an incredibly common type of retaining wall that is useful in both commercial and residential settings. They are also referred to as I-beam and H-beam shoring and consist of steel beams in

stalled in regular intervals with horizontal supports. 

Soldier pile walls are fantastic near residential areas because of the low cost and small installation timeframe. Soldier pile walls also offer better flexibility and lower noise levels than some alternatives. These benefits make soldier pile walls fantastic for foundation work and even archaeological digs. 

Soil Nail Walls 

As the name suggests, soil nail walls are a shoring and retaining strategy that uses long steel reinforcement bars anchored into the soil. Soil nail walls are a fantastic option for the following: 

  • Temporary shoring 
  • Slope stabilization
  • Retaining structure repair
  • Permanent retaining wall

Like soldier pile walls, soil nail walls confer many benefits that make them so popular. Below are just some of the strongest benefits of soil nail walls: 

  • Installation is relatively quick
  • Soil nail walls can be more economical than other shoring types 
  • Soil nail walls work well during seismic events 
  • Soil nail walls have less environmental impact versus other methods 

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A shoring wall we did recently in Sweetwater, TX

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